MIVA vacuum workholding

In a Nutshell

Vacuum Supply

The vacuum plate is supplied by a vacuum generator. The vacuum generator is connected to the MIVA switch valve which can be mounted to any coupling boreholes within the modular system. The switch valve switches the vacuum supply and displays the negative gage pressure on the manometer. If required an electrical vacuum guard can be attached.

Modular System

Through coupling boreholes the clamping surface can be extended to all sides. Besides, they can be used to mount the switch valve.

Functioning of the MIVA valve

MIVA Valve

All suction boreholes are sealed up by a MIVA valve. The MIVA valve gets activated automatically once the workpiece is loaded. Furthermore it simplifies clamping several workpieces.

Waffle Pattern

Due to the unique shape of its workpiece support (waffle pattern) MIVA Vacuum Workholding reaches a maximum attainable holding force with a rate of efficiency of theoretical 92%.

Stop Strip

Stop strips are required as a locking device against lateral forces.

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